Friday, December 26, 2008

kahlia's dress from the shoot on ebay

my trip to pars and barelona!

merry xmassss

Saturday, November 15, 2008

new shoot + behind the scenes with Alina and Dylan

Hey, You!
yeah you :) well my exams are over so I have been bumming around and chillin like a villain. I am planning to go to Sydney next weekend with my boy to hook up with some MUA and Models and throw a nice shoot:) so far however , news are as follows:
My model friend Alina has come from London to Australia, and she came down to melbourne for the weekend. wee hooked up and threw a spontaneous shoot with her and Dylan Senthilan (by far the best MUA I have worked with) . the results can be observed at flickr and sneak peak is on your right.
there are also some behind the scenes pics above:)

more of Alinas modeling can be seen on this link

Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm new here. but i decided to give it a crack:)
my name is Mariah.

Things I like : Long hair (both genders), color red, Canon DSLR, color, high heels, good cosmetics, good personal style, japan, grunge, metal, rock'n'roll, escada perfumes, russian scarfs, wii, the shield, bicycle, gym, autumn, travel, models, photography, books, steaks, OZ tv series, topshop, ebay shopping, thrifting, cooking,volleys, red lips, november rain, sebastian bach in the 80ies, beverly hills 90210, babylon 5, learning, chinese language, beauty.

Going to have my last exam in 2 days, and hopefully can get my degree then:)
show some love to the newbies, I promise I will post more fun photos here, soon, Im going traveling too soo keep watchin:)