Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm new here. but i decided to give it a crack:)
my name is Mariah.

Things I like : Long hair (both genders), color red, Canon DSLR, color, high heels, good cosmetics, good personal style, japan, grunge, metal, rock'n'roll, escada perfumes, russian scarfs, wii, the shield, bicycle, gym, autumn, travel, models, photography, books, steaks, OZ tv series, topshop, ebay shopping, thrifting, cooking,volleys, red lips, november rain, sebastian bach in the 80ies, beverly hills 90210, babylon 5, learning, chinese language, beauty.

Going to have my last exam in 2 days, and hopefully can get my degree then:)
show some love to the newbies, I promise I will post more fun photos here, soon, Im going traveling too soo keep watchin:)


The Stepster said...

im one of ur dA watchers and i've always love ur red hair =)
keep posting, i'll come by now and then hehe.

Johanna said...

hey Mariah
i look forward to seeing some of your travel pictures on here for sure! : )
oh, and i'm also one of your DA watchers :D
xx Johanna

Anonymous said...

Ur beautiful :) I'll read and comment ur blog ;) I'm also one of ur DA watchers ^^
Your works are wonderfull <3

evita nuh said...

hai sis!! really really love your hair!!! welcome to the blog world :D

love yaa!! muachhh

Anonymous said...

I watch you at dA :)
my blog is almost completely in portuguese, but hell with it :)
Your photos are very inspiring :)

Jiyuu said...

I'm one of your dA watchers. :D
I'm new here aswell. I dunno, I guess it's a good time to get a blogspot this time of year, eh? xD

yuuiki said...

Yay I watch you on dA too. Love your works and I'll be following it xD

Anonymous said...

Im jealous of your hair <33

Marcy said...

I watch you on DA. Thought I'd add you here. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, btw.

buda said...

Cool!. keep us updated!. and good luck!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks awesome!


risely-evan said...

I love your dA work.
A few of them feature on my blog.
I look forward to more posts!


Cristal Muniz said...

Hello! Yeah, I'm watching you at DA too... =)
I guess you won't be able to read anything at my blog cuz I'm brazilian and write in portuguese there. Anywhere, good luck for you and your blog ^^


Kasia said...

I am also one of your dA watchers. and since you asked: Yes I also have a blog, but I suspect you cannot read Norwegian? heheh.

Moon said...

hey! Your hair is gorgeous. Welcome to the blogspot world! Looking forward to more posts.

DA watcher.

Mariah said...

Hehe... We have the same name... :) I have never met another Mariah before. Its so weird!! :) Hey visit my blog.. It doesn't have photography but it still a blog!! :)