Saturday, November 15, 2008

new shoot + behind the scenes with Alina and Dylan

Hey, You!
yeah you :) well my exams are over so I have been bumming around and chillin like a villain. I am planning to go to Sydney next weekend with my boy to hook up with some MUA and Models and throw a nice shoot:) so far however , news are as follows:
My model friend Alina has come from London to Australia, and she came down to melbourne for the weekend. wee hooked up and threw a spontaneous shoot with her and Dylan Senthilan (by far the best MUA I have worked with) . the results can be observed at flickr and sneak peak is on your right.
there are also some behind the scenes pics above:)

more of Alinas modeling can be seen on this link


photopixies said...

Alina's work link :

evita nuh said...

waww i love love love your photos!